Give us our FREEDOM

"Most black leaders saw American participation in the was as an opportunit to make real the promise of freedom." (Foner, pg 708)

Foner discusses this change on page 708 in the ‘closing ranks’ paragraph. This war was a hope for many African-Americans to have freedom. They were supposed to fight and then Wilson was supposed to give them their freedom that they deserved. Du Bois called out African-Americans in an editorial magazine to fight in this war to “help ‘make our own America a real land of the free”’. After the war, there was a victory parade in Paris which was unfortunately unfair for blacks because they were stopped by Wilson administration from participating.

Foner does not discuss much about this event. I feel he discussed a decent amount for us to understand what had happened. He told us the reason as to why the African-Americans went to war. I think he can explain a little bit more on why they were not allowed to participate in the victory parade in Paris.

Question # 1) Why couldn’t African-Americans participate in the parade?

Question # 2) How exactly did Du Bois promote the Blacks to join the war?

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