From New Deal to Fair Deal.

Truman asking Congress for power he is not big enough to handle.

After being reelected President Truman proposed a legislative agenda known as ┬áthe “Fair Deal.” Truman believed that new reforms were needed to solve the nation’s economic and social problems in the post Cold War era. The goal of the Fair Deal program was to redistribute income among people of various classes and, as a result diminish other economic problems the nation was suffering from along the way. The Fair Deal called for unemployment benefits, federal housing programs, federal health care and funding for education, and much more. However, in the end Truman’s shot at getting the Fair Deal passed was a failure. Overall, rarely anything he wanted was passed or became a law. At the time, Congress refused to take part in healthcare programs and change much about the system of education put into effect. Nevertheless, one major contribution of Truman’s was the passing of a major housing initiative in 1949. This strong opposition to Truman was a foreshadowing of where the United States government was heading and what types of politics it was shying away from.

I don’t think American society would be that different today, if Truman’s ideas had been passed by then, because of the fact American politics are so ever-changing that nothing really stays the same for too long. Healthcare is now for example, very governmentally regulated and now basically everyone is forced into having or buying some sort of healthcare. We do have throughout the country, government housing for those that are eligible for it, and furthermore with unemployment being at the high rate it is, unemployment benefits are being collected at a super fast rate. Therefore, it is evident that given time everything takes it course and eventually pans out how it should, whether fair or not.

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