Freedom of religion

Martin Luther King Jr. and Billy Graham

The spirituality of “Judeo-Christian” in America accelerated after World war 2. Judeo-Christian refers to both Judaism and Christianity and the common set of values, beliefs and ethics held by both which contributed to the evolution of American society. The 1950’s integrated religion into American society. Despite the earlier accusation of disloyalty (McCarthyism), pluralism was accepted and this allowed free practicing of religion. During the 1950’s American defined itself as  “Judeo-Christian”,  it became the common culture of the American majority. For that reason today American coins features two message: “In God we Trust” (national motto of the United States since 1956) and “liberty” – values that distinguish America from other countries.

In addition, during the 1950’s ” a majority of Americans-the highest proportion in the nation’s history -were affiliated with  a church or synagogue”. Billy Graham, an American Evangelist spread his message of Christianity and anticommunism to millions through the use of radio and television, which by now was available to the majority of Americans. Thousands of Christians in America arise as a result of his message. Also, Billy Graham made bible literalism more mainstream, was also pastor for several presidents and I would assume he indirectly lead to some policy making.

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