Restrictions throughout American History

These three events in American history targeted the Non-American, restricting their freedom in their homes. The removal of the Native Americans, two in history known as the ┬áTrail of Tears and the Navajos’ Long Walk, could be seen as oppression from the American government on the native people. Local Native Americans were forcefully relocated due to America’s greed in incorporating new land into their empire.

The Chinese Exclusion Act, one of the many acts targeting immigrants, imposed many restrictions on the Chinese immigrants. They were derided as inferior. Chinese families, especially women, were barred from entering the United States in 1875 to prevent the growth of the Asian population in America. Chinese, who were already lived in America, were forced to assimilate and suffered discrimination.

Jim Crow laws, which was promoted by the Plessy v. Ferguson case, targeted African Americans throughout America. This approved unfair treatment towards African Americans which included denying them into social gatherings such as bars and restaurants, seating them in a generally specified seats, which were less desired, on buses and railroad carts, and to some extent, beating and harassing African Americans. The environment set up by the Jim Crow laws persisted into modern history. In Birmingham, non-violent protests were confronted with violence by the authority. African Americans, however, continued to fight for their freedom and eventually, they received it.

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