United States Presidential Scandals

Bill Clinton

What these presidents all have in common is that they were involved in scandals.

Bill Clinton was the 42 nd President of the United States, scandal of his affair with Monica Lewinsky became known on 1998. Clinton’s sexual affair with an intern eventually paved the way for the second presidential impeachment in the history of the country (Andrew Johnson was the first in 1868). However, President Clinton was ultimately acquitted of any crime. But, his affair with Lewinsky became a laughing stock for everyone in the world. The reported documents  of Clinton remained odd in political history because of the graphical description of Clintons entire sexual relationship with Lewinsky.

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was the 40th president of the United States. One of the major scandals to rock the presidency in modern times is “Iran-Contra”. In 1985, the Reagan administration was selling arms to Iran, and not only selling but also using the proceeds  to secretly fund the Contra rebels in Nicaragua. Also, Congress had already prohibited the president from giving any assistance. With that, the story caused a blaze throughout the country in 1987 after a newspaper was leaked. The two who became the main target of the scandal was Admiral John M. Poindexter and Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North. They were then involved in long trials and at first convicted for their roles, but then these convictions were later released on appeal, along with fourteens others who were charged criminally with the entire affair.

Richard Nixon

Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States, resigned on August 9th, 1974, in order to shun impeachment on charges stemming from the investigation of the Watergate break-in and cover-up. In addition, he was told that enough votes existed to convict and remove him from office. Therefore, Nixon decided to resign. I guess it’s Better to step down in shame then wait to be thrown out in shame. However, Nixon did state that he should have acted more “decisively” and “forthrightly” in dealing with the situation, ” particularly when it reached the stage of judicial proceedings and grew from a political scandal into a national tragedy”. The greatest tragedy this country ever suffered was the Watergates tragedy because no redeeming and positive features will ultimately exist.

Thomas Jerfferson

Thomas Jefferson, 3rd President of the United States, allegedly had a relationship with Sally Hemmings. This became the first presidential sex scandal in American history. Jefferson was charged with having an affair with his slave ( Sally Hemmings) in 1802. Also, noted that he was the father of one of her children. However, denying the charges he then remained president for an additional 7 years. In 1998, debate about the matter was put to rest when DNA testing proved that Jeffferson is more than likely the father of at least one of Sally Hemming’s children.

There are many scandals in the United States presidential history, but none can compare base on absolute impact the Watergate scandal created under president Richard Nixon.

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