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Free As A Bird

The Blacks idea of freedom was linked to land ownership,They would argue that since for a most part of their lives they had worked the land so therefore they were entitled to part ownership of the land. Some blacks from the south described freedom as “a privilege not a right”. And acted likewise in their everyday activities.
Freedom for the blacks was not really realized in the short term. there was still some blacks still working on farms and were still getting treated very badly through discrimination and hate crimes. life was still very harsh for them.
They same that “nothing happens overnight”, the same goes for the blacks. life was not so easy for the blacks in the beginning, they faced many hardships which included racial discrimination and other crimes that made the black feel like they were back in the cage of slaver, the blacks are not going to feel the full effect of reform until the later years. Continue reading

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The Secondary Source with Force

David Blight’s book seems interesting to me because it would help supplement the knowledge that I gain from this history class as well as providing more information and serving as a secondary source. It would give me more information into … Continue reading

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