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Creative Remix Proposal


For my project three Creative Remix, I want to remix Project 1, in regard to the Black Panther Party. My goal is to introduce the BPP to a person who doesn’t know anything about them, showing the outcomes of the group and how did their actions affect their community, as well as how the police saw and portrayed the BPP. In project one, we learned who was the BPP, where did they come from, what did they want, and how their pursuit for equality still lingers and is still seen to this day. To source my information I would have to revisit this project again to get familiar with the work and research more about the BPP. But afterward, I want to create a podcast, where I would interview or talk to someone who knows very little or nothing at all about the Black Panther Party. I haven’t decided yet, but I will ask around to see if anyone would like to do it with me.

I hope that the podcast can also be informational, where anyone can listen to it and get an understanding of the BPP, and who were they. I will make sure that the information that I am presenting could be conveyed and heard properly so that the audience can get familiar with the BPP. I also want to include some jokes, but if anything it’s fine since this podcast is more informational than just a commentary podcast. I believe that the hardest thing I will encounter when doing this podcast is the actual recording and the flow of the podcast, I hope it can be as natural as it can be but as well I will probably have a few scripts that can accurately say what I want to say. Another problem I can see in the future is how a podcast is made, I have a friend who recorded podcasts before so I will probably ask her. I always wanted to try a podcast and see how one is created, I hope that it is very enjoyable and not something I will cringe at later in the future.

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