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7 Day Log

Day 1. : Created a wikipedia account but later found out my IP address got blocked out even while at home.

Day 2: Was able to play the Wiki Adventure game, only partly because the sections stopped working after the 2nd “adventure”, might be related to my IP being blocked since it asked me to edit my sandbox.

Day 3: Read over some of the gender bias talk page and applied some of the things I did in the Wiki Adventure, the part i got through at, least.

Day 4: I went on some articles and accessed the View History page and found a few cool things, one of them being the ‘page statistics’ area, it showed the articles first time being edited as well as the latest, the number of users that had edited it, specified what each edit was briefly etc., very useful.

Day 5: Compared a few pages, a few male athlete’s vs women athletes and also did the same but with more corporate jobs (men CEO’s vs women).

Day 6: Finally decided on my women in red, Alice Draper Carter, a civics worker during WWII who was also the head of the board of the Play Schools Association, which developed educational programs for handicapped children.

Day 7: Began research for my woman in red, there was hardly any as expected but even though it was expected, it still blows my mind how little I can find about someone that had some great societal contributions in their lifetime, especially during the second world war.

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