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Project Proposal

I am working individually for this project. The project I am reimagining for new medium is project 1, the Black panther party project. The aspects of my work I plan on focusing on are descriptive analysis of the time period and how it relates to modern time. I will be using google slides for my project.

I anticipate the medium will change the message by giving visual representations and also just providing a simpler way to grasp the similarities/differences between the BPP and BLM now. The sourcing will go sort of just like me looking up images from trusted sites or going on journals such as NYT etc. and using images they may have used. I anticipate the challenges to be finding plentiful information about correct modern day correlations of the BPP, i plan to meet them with just working my way around the research. The primary choice for choosing this is because my original proposal which would have been the Women in Red project didn’t really have the potential for becoming a cohesive slideshow with abundant visuals etc, not compared to project 1, which is why i chose it.

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