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For this project I will be working independently and specifically focusing on re-imaging project one. I liked the idea of making a slideshow version of my essay. I will choose to focus on the effects technology has on the Black Lives Matter movement. I previously wrote about how social media played a big role in the increased attention towards the movement. With this i will talk about how important the video recording of George Floyd’s death, the hashtag on Instagram like “blackout tuesday”, and Lil baby creating The Bigger Picture. 

Using this medium, my essay can be backed up with images and/or videos which will help bring it to life. Since my essay was a mix between both the Black Panther Party and BLM, I will have to do further research on BLM in order to find more information for this project. I will mainly look for stuff seen in the media which helped get that attention for the movement like we saw in 2020. A challenge I anticipate encountering is finding lots of the same information. I know George Floyd will appear a lot, but I will just keep looking for new sources. I chose to make a slideshow since it allows me to further explain points made in my essay. It will allow its audience to feel more connected since we will see a lot of stuff that we had forgotten about from the pandemic, when the movement reached its peak.

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Project 3

For this project, my focus is on Project 2 about Women in Red. My goal is for this transcendental problem to reach more people but also to share a more generalized idea based in relation to patriarchal standards. I chose this project because is the one I relate the most with and I thought I could do a better work if I understood the perspective. I’m doing a “mashup” for this for it to be short and straightforward. I’m hoping to use current and memorable events related to women history. I also asked many people what the thought about this topic to get a better idea of how to make this project more understandable for the public. The only problem I had was finding a “femicide” image in English due to this problem is mostly known in latin America. If I could publish it on a well-known newspaper I probably would to achieve my main goal.

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