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Concert Critique: A Compilation

December 15, 2014 Written by | No Comments

For this post I gathered a compilation of concert critiques. And from that gathering and crowdsourcing three questions came up: should landmark status trump the need for venue accessibility? How could being in the front row of a concert be bad? And lastly do sport events count?

The first question was brought upon by Webster Hall concertgoers Mike and Steve. Webster Hall is not accessible, but the venue does offer to lift patrons and their chairs into the venue. With that being said however, an accessible bathroom can only be found on the second floor of the venue (those venues workers must be strong to be doing all that lifting.) In addition, most wheelchair users won’t trust someone they don’t know with something they rely so heavily on. As a venue Webster Hall says that it can change about the infrastructure because of its landmark status. Granted, but has Webster Hall never heard of removable raps that don’t affect the building at all? Guess not.

The second question was prompted by Zasia Davis who went to see MetLife to see Eminem. She was in the front row which is pretty dope but she spoke about being fearful of crowding. She also noted that they put wheelchair users on an elevated platform so that they could see.

The last question was prompted by Kaela Winn who likes sports as much as I like music, so she spoke on stadiums and parks. Over all she would give an accessibility score of 10, but notes that she feels rushed to leave at the end of games, which is bad for crowds.

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