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CYCLE PATH: Night Rider

December 15, 2014 Written by | No Comments

Night Rider


NYC the city that never sleeps, specially during the holiday times the traffic flow are higher than normal and not as safe to cycle around. For those who are avid bike commuters the cold weather nor the holiday season traffic will deter them from continuing to ride around the city. But for the others who enjoy cycling as form of freedom seeking or a therapeutic exercise, consider night riding. Cycling at night in New york is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had as a bike owner, the roads are practically empty and you get to see a different facet of new york that you wouldn’t be aware of. My favorite part of night riding is crossing the bridges, particularly the queens borough bridge. well first theirs the steep hill you have to mount, and their goes your exercise for the day, but then comes the downslope, your reward. The speed, the wind, it’s all part of the sensation, a beautiful feeling that I think every bike owner in the city should part take in. It’s a really fun experience, an experience that’s hard to put into words and should be tested out. Now here comes the precaution part, although riding at night is a lot of fun, it’s important you ride with your bike lights front and back. Other than that get out their and test the night out, and keep toasty in this cold weather.



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