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Revlon’s New Tagline and Possible Discrimination

December 3, 2014 Written by | No Comments

Recently, the mega cosmetics brand Revlon launched a new tagline, the first in over 10 years for the company. The new tagline Love Is On has been launched using a variety of social and traditional media. The commercials also feature celebrity Emma Stone. The social media aspect of the campaign asked customers to tweet and Instagram photos of themselves with their loved one using the hashtag #LoveisOn. The company then curates these customer photos and features them on it’s website as well as on a billboard. As a part of the initiative to spread the new tagline Revlon has also launched a photo booth on a jumbo screen in Timesquare of New York City to display these photos. The Jumbo screen also has a #LoveIsOn hashtag written on it. It is meant to take photos of couples displaying affection toward one another.



I spent some time this week looking at these campaigns, visited the Timesquare site, and looked though the photos that couples that posted on social media. After a while, I noticed something quite odd. The Revlon Love Is On website has yet to feature on a non-traditional couple. Photos of gay, lesbian, transgender couples have not been posted. I did some digging, and found that I was not the only to have noticed this.

As a lifelong fan of Revlon products and its company, I have mixed feelings about the launch of a new tagline. Personally, I don’t think it was necessary as the Revlon reputation speaks for itself. I decided to ask other customers what they thought. To find these answers, I spent some time in NYC drugstores. I simply lingered around the Revlon displays to find people that already use the products. I spoke to the customers about what they thought of Revlon in general as a brand, how often they purchase Revlon products, if they have seen an advertisement for the Love is On initiative, whether they have participated in the social media campaign and what they think of Revlon possibly ignoring LGBT couples. Below are a few direct customer quotes:

Desiree 28, a graduate student said: “I haven’t actually heard of the new tagline yet. I guess I’ve been a little too busy to read magazines or watch TV but I do use Revlon products, I’ve used the Colorstay foundation for years. That being said, I wouldn’t support the company if what you are saying about the possibly of discrimination turns out to be true. I would probably switch to another brand. I hope it isn’t true.”



MaryAnne 44, a cooking instructor said, “I was actually shopping for a replacement lipstick when you stopped me today. My favorite lipstick is by Revlon, it’s called Cherries In The Snow. I have seen the commercial, and I thought it was sweet.” Later she said, “I don’t think Revlon is against gay couples, At least I don’t think they would show it, even if they were. I think that the lack of gay couples on it’s website could be a coincidence.”

John 32, a financial analyst said, “I don’t personally use Revlon products. My wife asked me to run an errand for her which is why I’m here but she does use some of their products. I haven’t seen the ad you are talking about or heard of the new tagline but if they are discriminating against gay couples I would try to discourage my wife from buying Revlon products in the future. It’s horrible to hear that a company as large and influential as  Revlon would encourage discrimination of any kind”

Everyone I spoke to, really seemed to enjoy the Revlon brand and truly hoped that Revlon has not been discriminating. I will continue to monitor the Revlon website, in hopes of spotting some unconventional couples soon. It is possible that this was simply a coincidence and not a comment against the LGBT community. It is clear, that the news of such discrimination would upset Revlon customers as well as lower sales.

What do you think of Revlon’s new campaign?

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