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Revlon releases “Ultra HD Lipsticks”

November 9, 2014 Written by | No Comments

Product Display

Product Display

About a month ago, Revlon released a new collection for the Fall/Winter season. The collection has just this week arrived at my local drugstores. Information about the new collection was hard to find, as the product is not yet on the Revlon website. All of the information that I have is based on the product display, personal experience and from other blog posts. The line is called “Ultra HD” although I am not sure why this is. There are 14 colors available and they range from bright spring appropriate colors to deep fall inspired colors. The lipstick colors are named after flowers, which I really enjoy; the colors I purchased are called Primrose, Gladiolus and Iris. This does leave me wondering why the products were not released in the spring. There were also lip lacquers released along with the lipsticks, but for this review, I will focus on the lipsticks.

From left to right: Primrose 835, Gladiolus 875. Iris 850

From left to right: Primrose 835, Gladiolus 875. Iris 850

I purchased my lipsticks for 7.99 at Target, although I have seen them for 9.99 at other drug stores.

The formula of these lipsticks is unique. It is very comparable to the Revlon lip butters, but with better pigmentation. They are extremely soft, smooth and hydrating. As someone that frequently suffers from dry, flaky skin and lips, I found this product to be terrific. I do recommend wearing a lip liner along with the lipsticks as they do have a tendency to feather.

These lipsticks have a pleasant and a very sweet scent. It is rather strong, but I found that it does not linger on the lips after a few minutes.

Edited Stickers

My least favorite part about the Revlon Ultra HD lipsticks is the packaging. The clear plastic tubes give a very cheap look; this contrasts the beautiful gold tubes that Revlon lipsticks normally come in. They are so extremely messy. After using the lipsticks for a few days the tubes are incredibly scuffed. I had to be extremely careful when placing the tap on in order not to ruin the tube. Most of the time this did not work, and I found myself cleaning the tubes way too often. This is too much of a hassle for a drugstore lipstick.

Color swatches

Color swatches left to right: Primrose, Gladiolus and Iris

As for wear time, it is fairly long lasting. The colors actually leave a light tint on the lips when they begin fading. For a lipstick that is so creamy this is a nice surprise. With a lip liner they can last for a few hours.

Overall, I really do like these lipsticks and would recommend them, to anyone searching for a lip butter or a tinted lip balm product. If you aren’t someone that is turned off by strong scents or the messy packaging, go for it! These are a great buy.

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