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Is Snapchat a blogging format?

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In class on Monday, we discussed whether a carefully curated Twitter feed can be considered a blog. I’m not sure whether we reached a consensus, but certainly it is a valid question to address in the context of our class. I want to push that discussion one step further: Is a carefully curated SnapChat feed also a blog? Editors at SnapCchat are doing just that — offering up a “live” feed from New York Fashion Week. The New York Observer has an interesting piece about this effort, saying it feels a lot fresher and more relevant than #fashionweek feed over at Instagram. Here’s an excerpt that explains what Snapchat is doing:


So what’s a live story on Snapchat? The startup did the same thing for Electric Daisy Carnival in April and the World Cup finals in July. Users could send their own videos and photos not only to their friends, but also to a team at Snapchat. Snapchat then curated the best media to be part of one massive Snapchat live story. It was pretty fun and effective, especially when the World Cup story showed revelers from around the world prepping for matches in Rio and cheering their teams on.

What I find interesting is that the Snapchat “live” feed requires editorial judgement by its employees and that it’s not just a hashtag that pulls in everything anyone is posting about a particular subject. That to me feels like some kind of journalism is at work.

NEW YORK blogs:

And for our discussion today on topics to blog about, I came across two that I thought were interesting that I want you to look at:

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