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Assignment for Monday, Sept. 8

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For Monday, write a three-page paper analyzing the effectiveness of an established journalistic blog. You can choose to examine one blog or compare two blogs that cover similar topics. Answer the following questions in your paper:


  1. What specific topic or niche does the blog cover? How effective is the blog at clearly stating its purpose? Does it stay focused on its topic, or do you find it confusing.
  2. What kind of content does the site produce? Describe in detail the types of blog posts that are published on this blog – reported stories, Q&As, reviews, videos, photo slideshows, opinion pieces, etc.
  3. Who are the main competitors for this site? How does the quality of the blog’s content compare to its competitors’.
  4. Try to ascertain who is writing the blog. Is it one person’s blog? Is it a blog that has many contributors? Is it part of a larger news organization?
  5. How do you think the site makes money, or how do you think it contributes to the business model of the larger news organization it is a part of?
  6. How active is the blog on social media? What kind of a strategy do you think it has?
  7. How do you think the blog could be improved?


You will be presenting your findings during class on Monday, Sept. 8

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