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Social Media Strategy Plan

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Social Media Strategy Plan

Intended use of social media:

Using social media in this generation has become the norm; with so many new smart phones and apps. It is often used to serve as a news outlet to the younger crowds, as well as promote. I could use social media as a way to reach readers and direct them back to my blog. Through social media I can post excerpts from pieces I have written, short video clips or photos that will catch the reader’s attention leaving them to want to see more. Each post will link back to the blog, and with an attractive blog persuade them to check out other material.

Who will I reach out to?

  • NYU Commuter Student Council Facebook page
  • @MTA
  • @NYCTSubway

NYU Commuter Student Council helps commuter students adjust and feel like they belong. This will be good to link with because it will be relatable to the students. The transportation twitter handles are useful because as a commuter student, you rely heavily on buses and trains. Those will allow you to be updated on train or bus schedules making your ride to school easier.

Social media accounts:

To promote I would use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. On Facebook I would create a page for my friends and others to like. This would involve more in depth posts about the blog. Twitter would be used to grab the reader’s attention with catchy headlines. It would be short post that my followers could retweet to increase recognition of my blog. The hashtags would also add to the popularity of the tweet. Instagram is strictly visual. I would post pictures or video clips. The snippets would urge the reader to check-out the blog and see the full video. Lastly, Snapchat would be a really good one for my specific topic. Snapchat is live, and I can create a story that my followers can view as many times as they want in the 24hour time period. It would allow my viewers to follow the life of a commuter on their daily commute.


Tweet 1: Need help balancing busy schedules and commuter blues? Check-out how this student handles her commuter blues. #nyc #commuter

Tweet 2: Hey commuter, break out that shell and join a club today! Here’s why #commuter #student #nyc #clubs

Tweet 3: Commuter congestion a problem? Maybe these stories can help you avoid it #mta #subway #commuter #congestion

Tweet 4: Through the eyes of the commuter #nycsights #siferry #mta #trains #ladyliberty #commuter #nyc

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