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Social Media Strategy Paper- Right Sports

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The use of social media can be crucial element to my blog when it comes to promotion and building readership. Social media will enable to me to get my blog out there, in essence it will provide the opportunity to present my blog in an array of aspects. With social media, I will now have the chance to increase the number of people in which visits my blog and read my posts. Social media can also be used as great tool for researching and sharing information.
Who will I reach?
1. Keith Olbermann, Sports and Political Writer
. Twitter:
. As a Sports and Politics writer, the work of Olbermann cannot only be used for information it is also comparable in topics
2. Chris Mortensen, reports for ESPN’s Sunday NFL Countdown
. Twitter:
. Chris Mortensen reports on one of the biggest weekly sports show, he will be able to provide inside information pertaining to the NFL
3. Darren Rovell, ESPN Sports Business Reporter
. Twitter:
. Rovell will be able provide information pertaining to the business aspects of sports
4. Chris Broussard, ESPN Sportswriter
. Twitter:
. One of the more well-known and popular sports writers, especially in the NY area
5. Ian Rapoport, NFL Insider
. Twitter:
. As an NFL Insider, Rapoport is usually one of the first to report on a story
6. Buster Olney, Senior Baseball Writer for ESPN
. Twitter:
. Buster Olney is probably the most respected and popular Baseball writer, he touches on every issue regarding the MLB
7. Michael McCann, Sports Illustrated Legal Analyst & Writer
. Twitter:
. McCann provides expertise in the area of law which is directly related to ethics
8. Lester Munson, Senior Writer and Legal Analyst for ESPN
. Twitter:
. Lester Munson is a law writer in which will be able to help with issues on ethics
. Twitter:
. Known as the worldwide leader in sports, ESPN is usually the first place to go to
When seeking information on a sports story
10. Bleacher Report
. Twitter:
. Recently has surged into one of the top websites/ apps for sports fans
11. Yahoo Sports
. Twitter:
. One of the more credible and popular sports news organizations
12. CBS Sports
. Twitter:
. Out all of the news organizations, CBS provides the most extensive coverage in the world sports
13. NBC Sports
. Twitter:
. Similar to CBS, NBC is another news organization that provides extensive sports coverage.
14. New York Times Sports
. Twitter:
. Known for being one of the more popular papers in the world, the Sports section provides a different outlook in which looks at politics and business
15. True Sport
. Twitter:
. A blog that is similar in idea and mission to my own

My Accounts:

Twitter will be the social media outlet in which will be most used by my blog. I would post onto twitter constantly throughout the day updating on issues and events happening relating to sports. Twitter will also help me gain readerships as I would re-tweet from popular sources; giving them credibility for their stories.

Facebook will be the social media outlet used mainly for promotion. With Facebook it will enable me to reach out readers in which will eventually become fans of the Facebook page. The number of people using the site is growing so therefore it is expected to help grow the readership of the blog. Posts will be made on Facebook daily just for the art of promotion.

YouTube/ SoundCloud
These will be the two social media outlets in which will be incorporated with the blog. YouTube with the purpose of integrating video and linking other videos, and SoundCloud with the intention of audio and providing weekly podcasts in which can have a weekly out take on sports and ethics.

Tweets/Headlines for each of my first four posts

Blog Post 1: How did the media coverage of the Ray Rice scandal influence the public’s perception of domestic violence?
Tweet: The media can make us think how they want to want us to. Prime example domestic violence and Ray Rice. #powerofthemedia #rayrice #domesticviolence
New Headline: The influencing media’s take on domestic violence

Blog Post 2: Sportsmanship or Talent? Analyzing the Percy Harvin trade for the sake of a team’s success.
Tweet: Is the Harvin trade better for the Jets or Seahawks? #percyharvin #sportsmanship #talent #leadership
New Headline: Was the Percy Harvin trade a win-win?

Blog Post 3: Endorsements & Ethics- A look back at some of the top athletes who lost their endorsement deals due to ethical issues
Tweet: The relationship between endorsements and ethics is truly ignored and no thought about. #ethics #endorsements
New Headline: Athletes who lost their endorsements because they can’t behave.
Blog Post 4: Impact of Jerseys
Tweet: An athlete’s jersey is a direct representation of themselves. #ethics # jerseys #impacts
New Headline: If you can no longer find ones’ jersey it’s probably due to ethics.

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