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Just Off the 7’s Social Media Strategy

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I want to use social media as both a way to promote Just Off the 7 but also as a way to find potential blog post ideas. Although a significant following is more beneficial if your content gets shared, the chances of that happening are more unlikely. Because Just Off the 7 is a tourism blog, I will seek out niche sites that relate to my blog’s message. For example, tourism sites can help me create a calendar of events that I can then share with my audience. Also, by creating posts with a specific organization or individual in mind, I can better my chances of getting noticed.

The individuals, companies, organizations, societies, etc., that I want to reach through social media are:

  1. The Queens Courier: Twitter – @queenscourier / Facebook –

The QueensCourier is one of the largest, if not the largest, weekly news publication in Queens. It’s a great source for hyper local content and regularly covers news and events in Flushing. Both its Twitter and Facebook pages are regularly updated multiple times a day so if I reach out to them on social media, the chances of me getting a response for an interview or getting a retweet are more likely.

  1. Queens Chronicle: Twitter – @QueensChronicle / Facebook –

This is in the same vein as The Queens Courier. Hyper local, regular updates on all social media, easily accessible both on the internet and if need be, I could meet its journalists for interview purposes.

  1. It’s In Queens (Queens Economic Development Center (QEDC)): Twitter – @ItsInQueens / Facebook –

QEDC is a nonprofit organization that represents and assists small businesses, promotes tourism and business development. There’s an It’s in Queens section that lets you know all events that are happening in Queens, where to stay, and even a foodie blog. Just Off the 7 can use QEDC to spread the word about events in Flushing and then review the events in subsequent posts. QEDC tweets almost daily and frequently retweets things related to Queens so there is a good chance that Just Off the 7’s event review may be shared.

  1. Joe DiStefano ( Twitter – @JoeDiStefano / Facebook – / Instagram – @joedistefanoqns

Chopsticks and Marrow is one of the blogs on Just Off the 7’s blogroll. Run by Joe DiStefano, it is one of the more prominent Queens-based food blogs and he often reviews Flushing restaurants. He has decent followings on all of his social media sites and often shares content from fellow Queens bloggers. Having something from my blog shared by him could bring many of his readers to Just Off the 7.

  1. Jeff Orlick ( Twitter – @JeffOrlick / Facebook – / Instagram: @jefftastes

Jeff Orlick’s blog is similar to DiStefano’s and like Chopsticks and Marrow, IWantMoreFood has a significant following and is a Queens-based blog. Orlick also does walking tours and if he did one in Flushing, Just Off the 7 could feature it and he’d most likely retweet or share the post.

  1. Eater NY: Twitter – @EaterNY / Facebook –

Eater NY has almost 140,000 Twitter followers and almost 40,000 likes on Facebook. It features Flushing restaurants from time to time so if I share my content with Eater and it gets shared, it will reach a wide range of New Yorkers which is one of the goals of Just Off the 7 – to persuade those living in outer boroughs to visit Flushing.

  1. Serious Eats: Twitter – @seriouseats / Facebook – / Pinterest – @seriouseats

Same reason as following Eater NY.

  1. NYC on the Cheap: Twitter – @NYCCheap / Facebook –

Run by Evelyn Kanter, NYC on the Cheap shows you where to go and what to do in NYC without spending too much. She frequently retweets content from other bloggers and I also particularly like that she focuses on inexpensive options because I am planning on making blog posts about enjoying Flushing on the cheap a part of Just off the 7.

  1. NYC Parks: Twitter – @NYCParks / Facebook – / YouTube –

One of the main goals of Just Off the 7 is to show that Queens, and Flushing in particular, has just as much to offer as the other boroughs. NYC Parks often retweets so blog posts about Kissena Park or Flushing Meadows Corona Park are likely to be shared.

  1. Thrillist: Twitter – @Thrillist / Facebook – / Instagram – @Thrillist

An all-around NYC travel website with almost 40,000 Twitter followers, 29,000 Instagram followers, and 270,000 Facebook likes. ‘Nuff said.

  1. NYC Go: Twitter – @NYCGo / Facebook – / Instagram – @nycgo / Pinterest – @nycgo

NYC Go is the official guide to NYC tourism. Not only does it have a significant following, it would also be a great source for post ideas.

  1. Time Out New York: Twitter – @TimeOutNewYork / Facebook – / Instagram – @timeoutnewyork / Pinterest – @timeoutnewyork

Time Out also has a huge following on all its social media accounts but the only downside is that they don’t retweet. However it’s still a good source to know what events are happening in Flushing.

  1. Queens Museum: Twitter – @QueensMuseum / Facebook – / Instagram – @queensmusem / YouTube –

The Queens Museum is often overlooked but their exhibits are on par with the more well-known museums. It is also conveniently located in Flushing! It’s a great source for Just Off the 7 and they frequently retweet.

  1. WNYC: Twitter – @WNYC / Facebook –

I’m planning on creating podcasts in the future and WNYC is pretty locally based but is also well-known.

  1. Flushing Town Hall: Twitter – @FlushingTwnHall / Facebook – / YouTube –
    Flushing’s Town Hall frequently retweets and is a great source for posts about Flushing’s history. Also, there are many events held there which means more post ideas.
  2. Racked NY: Twitter – @rackedny / Facebook –

Based in multiple cities Racked covers everything shopping-related and has a Flushing section. They have great store reviews and news on upcoming sales or store openings.

Social Media Strategies:

  1. Facebook: Facebook will be used primarily to promote Just Off the 7’s content. New posts, photos, videos, and teasers will be posted on the page and it will only be updated when a new post is up.
  2. Twitter: Just Off the 7 will tweet several times a day (anywhere from 5-10). There will be tweets about new posts, retweets of interesting Flushing-related content, links to Flushing blogs, and quick photos snapped while out and about. It will also about used to reach out to other bloggers, companies, and organizations to share Just Off the 7’s posts.
  3. Instagram: Flushing is diverse and vibrant so there are plenty of opportunities to take interesting photos and record quick videos while walking around. Just Off the 7’s Instagram page will feature more “professional” photos and will link to the blog. It will be updated 3-4 times a week.


Tweets and Headlines

Old Headlines

  1. Dukbokki: The First Thing You Should Eat in Flushing
  2. Kissena Park: Flushing’s Best Kept Secret
  3. Shopping in Downtown Flushing: Cosmetics
  4. Korean-Chinese Cuisine in Flushing: Chinese House Restaurant in Murray Hill

New Headlines + Tweets

  1. I might keep this headline because it’s concise and I’m hoping that people will be intrigued by something with such an odd spelling.

Tweet: Hey @JoeDiStefano, can you get down with #dukbokki? Here’s the first thing you should eat in #Flushing:

  1. I also want to keep this headline.

Tweet: Have fun for free at #KissenaPark in #Flushing! I think @NYCCheap would approve.

  1. “Roosevelt Avenue: Flushing’s Response to Korean Cosmetics Demand ”

#RooseveltAvenue is #Flushing’s #KoreanCosmetics mecca. Check out @rackedny for more Flushing shopping news!

  1. “Flushing’s Korean-Chinese Cuisine: Not Your Average Takeout”

Sick of #takeout? Try #KoreanChinese on #MurrayHill. Hopefully an @EaterNY worth vid!


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