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Social Media Plan – Diana Kozak

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Social Media Plan

For my blog, The Ombré Oyster I intend to use social media to promote my posts as blog. But I also plan on using it as a way to network, connect with potential readers, check up on my competition and follow bloggers, journalists, publications and people that post about topics related to my blog. I would use twitter to tweet new blog posts every time I’ve written one and use hashtags to make the tweet easier to find. I would also tweet directly to users whom I feel would be interested in my posts. I would comment on other people’s tweets and their blogs as well to develop relationships with other bloggers.

Who? Where? Why?
1. BuzzFeed Style Section Twitter @BuzzFeedFashion Listicles and articles related to fashion & beauty.
2. New Beauty Magazine Twitter @NewBeauty A magazine that writes about beauty related news.
3. Total Beauty Twitter @TotalBeauty Beauty experts tweet about beauty industry news.
4. Dawn Spinner Davis Twitter @DawnSpinnerD Beauty editor for @Totalbeauty
5. Amber Joy Kallor Twitter @ajkbeaute Senior beauty editor for
6. Amber Katz Twitter @Glambr Beauty expert, freelance writer for @teenvogue @YahooBeauty & @Refinery29 (Beauty Magazines)
7. Yahoo Beauty Twitter @YahooBeauty Beauty section of
8. Beauty Junkies Unite Twitter @beautyjunkies A beauty product blog
9. SunHee Grinnell Twitter @VFBeauty Beauty editor of Vanity Fair
10. InStyle Beauty Twitter @InStyle_Beauty Beauty section of
11. Simone Kitchens Twitter @simonekitchens Deputy Beauty Editor, Glamour Magazine
12. Cat Quinn Twitter @catquinn Beauty News Editor at @allure_magazine.
13. New York Times Style Twitter @NYTimesStyleMag New York Times style section
14. Maura Lynch Twitter @marurala Senior Beauty Editor at Lucky Magazine
15. The Cut Twitter @TheCut Beauty news blog

     All of the people that I plan to follow (listed above) are in some way related to the world of beauty news. They are editors, bloggers and publications. While researching whom I should follow I also found hundreds of people that are similar to those above. These people and publications are important to follow because these are the accounts that will post the most updated, recent news. It is also great for me to know the names of these people as they all work in the industry that I am blogging out. Everyone listed above is a potential source of a blog post.

I plan to use Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest to promote my blog. I would use Twitter as my main platform (See first paragraph for explanation) I would use the rest as supplements. I would use Instagram to post photos, the same photos that I post on my blog. I would also include links to the blog posts. Instagram has a larger body, which is great for hashtags. I would use way more hashtags on Instagram so that potential readers have an easy way of finding me. The hashtags would be related to my posts. I would use Pinterest in the same way, as a way to share photos from my blog and post links. I would also setup a Facebook fan page for my blog. Again, this is where I would post updates about my blog posts, and let my readers know that I uploaded a new blog post. LinkedIn is a little bit different. If I hypothetically planned on taking blogging seriously as a career, I would use LinkedIn to network with other bloggers, journalists, beauty editors, and writers. This would be a great way to build relationships with people that might potentially help me find a story or even collaborate with me on a blog post. I would use my blog name as the name of all of these accounts (Ex: @TheOmbreOyster on Instagram) except for LinkedIn. I would use my real name for that one.
Post #1 Original: Twenty-Something Beauty with Yoli Cotray
SEO: Nars Makeup Artist Beauty Tips and Tricks
Twitter/Creative: Nars Makeup Artist Yoli Cotray Reveals Beauty Secrets
Hashtags: #Beauty #Cosmetics #Nars #BeautySecrets
Post#2 Original: Tips and Tricks for Landing PR Internships
SEO: How To Get a Beauty PR Internship in NYC
Twitter/Creative: Get Your Foot in The PR World, Here’s How.
Hashtags: #PR #Internships #Interns #PublicRelations #BeautyPR
Post#3 Original: The Kozak Family Beauty Hacks
SEO: Beauty Tips from Poland
Twitter/Creative: Polish Women Reveal Beauty Ultimate Beauty Hacks
Hashtags: #BeautyTips #PolishBeauty #BeautyHacks #Beauty
Post#4 Original: Revlon releases “Ultra HD Lipsticks”
SEO: Review: Revlon Ultra HD Lipsticks
Twitter/Creative: Brand New from Revlon, High Definition Lips
Hashtags: #Revlon #RevlonUltraHD #Reviews #BeautyProducts

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