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Social media is a way that people can communicate, share information and create content for others online. I intend to use social media to promote my blog by using popular words as my blog titles. My blog post will show up on google searches which will allow for traffic to flow through my blog. I plan to also ask the small businesses that I have written a post about to put my blog link on their website. This will put my blog out there so that more people will know about it.

I want to reach many individuals, companies, organizations and societies that will be able to help me promote my blog. Some of them are:

– @brooklyn_news curates and publishes the most interesting news that happens in Brooklyn on their website. They curate news by categories and I believe the category that will help by blog the most is their category on “Things to do”.

@BrooklynBased is an email magazine that made it easy for subscribers to keep track of the events, people and places that were part of Brooklyn’s rise over Manhattan as the creative center of New York in the late mid-2000s. They would be good to connect with because their subscribers are interested in things around Brooklyn and may want to know about the small businesses in Brooklyn.

– @Brooklyn_Paper. The Brooklyn Paper newspaper and are the leading news media in Brooklyn. Connecting with them will allow me to find out more about what is going on in Brooklyn on a deeper level than business. For example, Brooklyn Paper probably had articles about the economy of neighborhoods which will help me to understand any changes in neighborhoods that I intend to go to for potential businesses for my blog.

– @BrooklynChamber. Brooklyn chamber of commerce is an organization that promotes economic development across the borough and serves as an advocate for its member businesses. Their mission is to promote a healthy business environment throughout Brooklyn. Connecting with them will allow me to find more businesses to write about.

– @BklynEagle. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle is published five days a week as a morning newspaper devoted to Brooklyn only. It was founded in 1841 and has continuous publications since. I think connecting with them will be helpful since I want to find old businesses that have been around for a long time.

– @DowntownBklyn. Downtown Brooklyn Partnership is a not-for-profit local development corporation that serves as the primary champion for Downtown Brooklyn as a world-class business, cultural, educational, residential, and retail destination. They strive to attract new businesses to Downtown. I think connecting with them will be key to the Downtown area of Brooklyn because they focus on a specific area of Brooklyn.

– @NYTSmallBiz. New York Times Small business section doesn’t only provide readers with articles about business news in New York. They also provide where small-business owners can compare notes, ask questions, get advice, and learn from one another’s mistakes. Many business owners visit this website daily.

– @smorgasburg. Smorgasburg is an outdoor, giant all-food market that happens on weekends from the summer to the end of November. Although it’s only seasonal, I believe it is famous enough to get readers to my blog.

– @parkslope5thave. Fifth Ave Park Slope promotes business development and improves the area’s quality of life. Park slope is a neighborhood rich with historic businesses in Brooklyn that I would be interested for my blog.

– @brooklynmag. Brooklyn Magazine provides readers with news and articles about Brooklyn in a unique way. They provide many feature articles for their readers about many different things. Some examples are food, homes, local shops, and classes.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are the social media platforms that I would use to promote my blog. For Facebook I would post every time I post a new blog article up. Any of my Facebook friends would be able to read the new article as soon as I post it to the blog. I would post the article for them to read on Facebook in a read friendly way but will also provide the link to my blog if they want to see the original post. For twitter, I would also tweet every time I post a new blog article. I would follow the same strategy as Facebook but I would tweet more articles of other similar blogs to create a relationship. Hopefully other blogs will retweet my blog articles as well. For Instagram, I would find the best photo in my blog article and post my headline under it. I don’t want to give away too much on the Instagram post because people on Instagram usually just want a quick update on things. For this reason, I will add my link to each post so that anyone who wants more on the article will be able to go to my blog.

Post#1: Delicious Norwegian food at Nordic Delicacies. #Foodporn #Nomnom #Foodie #Norwegianfood

Post#2: Bike Fix at Farrara’s Cycle Shop. #bikefix #bicycle #bikerepairs

Post #3: Fresh Authentic Mexican Food at Coszcal de Allende. #Tacos #Burritos #Foodie #Mexicanfood

Post #4: Grab a drink at Celebritea Café. #drinks #yum #bubbletea


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