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I plan to use social media to promote my blog by essentially building an online community. I have identified my target audience as art-lovers of all ages throughout the New York metropolitan area, so Instagram would be an ideal social network to market with because it is extremely user-friendly. I would also create a Facebook page and link articles for sharing throughout different platforms on the internet.
Who Will I Reach:
paint1 paint2
My Accounts:
Facebook: I would utilize Facebook by making a page for my blog. I would link the Facebook page with everything that gets posted on the blog, particularly focusing on the articles. I would include a photo for every post. The goal would be to get my Facebook posts to get shared as many times as possible.
Twitter: I would post on twitter daily, first and foremost about the posts on my blog. I would also share and retweet posts from the companies I described above, in the hopes that would retweet me and expand my readership on twitter and eventually my blog.
Instagram: I would use Instagram to promote the art I describe in my blog. I would include the links to my blog and articles in my bio as well as in the captioning of each post. I would use Instagram daily as well. I would also screenshot my tweets and posts from Facebook and twitter and post them on my Instagram.
Twitter Titles:

1. Title: Royce Bannon, an artistic force from Harlem
Tweet: Royce Bannon, #UndergroundArtist from #Harlem making #NYC his own.

2. Title: UR NEW YORK—Street-Art’s favorite Collective
Tweet: #URNY opens latest #artshow in #Soho #NY
3. Title: One-year Anniversary: Death of 5 Pointz
Tweet: #5pointz approaches 1-year anniversary of its death
4. Title: Adrian Bermeo Attacking Art From Every Angle
Tweet: New artist from #Queens AdrianBermeo attacking art from every angle

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