How to Read Children’s Literature: Hey Diddle Diddle

What a Reader Is Asked to Know

About Life

  •         What a cat is, what a cow is, what the dog is, what a moon is, what a dish is, and what it means for to jump, what diddle means, what it means to laugh, what it means to run.
  •         How unlikely it would be in real life for a cat to play a fiddle or a cow to be able to reach the moon.

About Language

  •         How to read in general, to understand english in order to comprehend the text, how to understand letter sounds.
  •         What the word sport means in the context of this rhyme.
  •         What rhyming is.

About Literature

  •         What a Nursery Rhyme is.
  •         That literature consists of both real stories and make believes elements and how to tell the difference between the two.

What a Reader Is Asked to Do

  •         To see and understand what they are reading.
  •         To process whether the text is supposed to be serious or just fun.

·         Understand that nursery rhymes have a type of melodic pattern and be able to follow that pattern.