Timeline Check-In. Due Sunday, November 8 at Noon

  1. What particular aspect of your binary will your timeline focus on?  [Note:  Your binary may be very broad.  For your timeline though you should narrow down to something specific within your binary.   The goal is so that there can be a consistent through line in  your timeline.  You want your reader to see/read a history unfolding.  If your entries are too disparate in topic, it will be hard to see what your timeline is communicating.
  2. What title will you give your timeline?
  3. On your site, you should have the beginning of your timeline up.  You should have your timeline in the place that you want it on your site, and you should have at least three entries on your timeline.  As with all check-ins, you may edit these entries later, but you should have something to start with.
  4. Describe briefly in sentences or list form how you will divide the labor of figuring out the rest of the timeline.