Why Internet Marketing?

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Finally the colleges and education system have decided to teach in a manor not only relevant to today but also understandable and transferable to the real moving changing world.

This long overdue method, though still experimental, incorporates an online information databank of educated opinions and research through team subject blogging. This is a great way to increase the flow of information and participation.

Why the internet?

-It is a world wide data base of information allowing multimedia and mass communication and interactivity.

-Brings together international businesses

-Today it has become a full employment bill for many many people.

The internet started out as “Advanced Communications Systems” in the 80’s in 90’s by AT&T. They worked on how to get computers to talk to each other. This was a great idea however it could not be executed for another 10-15 years. The advent of this technology has changed the world.

The internet started out as a concept from the government as a method of encrypted information bounced from many different sources.

Telephone is node based one circuit between 2 points

Internet is packet based: one packet can be send diffident ways, diverse connection routes so information is not lost like with the telephone.

– Router puts packets back together because it has been broken up and diversified. The latency is the time it takes to put it back together.
Only recently has the internet started with faster packets thus allowing for voice calls like the telephone.
The internet destroyed barriers to entry into many industries. In the telephony industry it made a 3 trillion dollar barrier 10-20,000 dollars for some simple modems routers and operating systems as opposed to grand land structures of wire and polls

Internet Marketing

“It is a full employment bill for Marketers.”

It is a new medium for conducting business in a high speed world. Internet marketing supersedes conventional marketing because it provides instant feedback with little investment monetarily.

 Internet marketing allows for up to date information which in a world of short attention spans is important because trends are changing constantly and attention spans have shortened.
Instant feedback
Better tracking
Eradication of privacy
Unsolicited advertising

Activity tracking

There is a political aspect of the internet as well…
What can be tracked when has the line of privacy been breached, is it wrong for our searches to be used against us in a court of law?
Better yet “how much power do advertisers have?” is it wrong for them to use it if we have offered it up to them willingly or unknowingly?
“A great many thanks to those who had to go bankrupt for the advancement of society’s information and communication. We are forever grateful for you efforts!” –Danii Oliver

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