Information Rich Products

What Are Information Rich Products?
Products that have been developed and over developed to the point of them selling themselves.

Tide from P&G has it’s own website loaded with information that touches on everything from offers to buy, where to buy, how to use and added benefits.

An Information Rich Product is what the advent of the internet has allowed for. We are no longer limited to one 8×10 ad to say it all. We have the resource to attract and retain customers with more and information about a single product.

What this means?
Unlike what we know about history, people of the future will not have sit back pondering why we did x,y,z. They will not have to presume the functions and uses of our items. They will know in full detail with images and testimonials.

An Information Rich product leaves to question unanswered. That concept is a major driver of the internet today.

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