Customer Acuquistion and SEO

The era of Can’t is over!

No longer can anyone make a valid arguement that they can’t do or can’t find anything anymore.
Search is a major part of getting things done and as search engines get rid of the clutter out there is will be even for effective without being over efficent.

SEO search engine optimization is the driving force behind the can do drive that will over come us all. We as marketers and We as consumers will be able to get to what we need when we need it at optimal speeds with little effort.

The internet for the 20 something year olds coming up will allow us to move along at a faster pace and get more involved. For one we will not need to start with lists and names. We all can position oursleves to be seen by those looking.

Permission Marketing
Opt-out vs Out-in
Permission is all the craze, who has the right to send mail to anyone.

Opt-out is passively allowing spam, ads, and marketing marterial to enter your box.

Out-in is having to ask for it. Double and Confirmed are deeper levels of acceptance.

It’s all the same until you get to the level of where or not the customer feels like opening the mail or not. Out-out has no garentee outside of ending up in the trash folder. Opt-in has a better chance as the consumer has expressed interest in viewing the mailings in order to stay informed.

Although Opt-out in permission it is un-apparent permission and can be viewed as spam. For that reason is not a good option to go with as many emailboxes have spam filters which lessens the likelihood of the Opt-out email even being seen.

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