Obtaining Customers and Revenue

Advertising model the key is more and varied revenue models that are relevant to your customer base. You have to look at the data coming in and see how best you can analyze it and package it. It must be relevant to the business and the product.

Information products lend themselves to creating the right business model for the right streams of revenue. Information products are commercial products that have data only. Lists, databases, accounts and files; all of which can be sold.
Information rich products are a product that has much information available surround the use and environment; it is ancillary data about a product. What you get when you pay for a product.
On-Star or Sabre verses Tide.com or xbox360.com.

CLV concept is used to find out the net value of a customer. One can profile a customer to find out what makes them profitable and target the same characteristics to get more customers or find out if they are unprofitable. It is cheaper to keep them. Knowing your customers helps you find out how to do that.
Amazon’s use of CLV is a prime example. They know the customer and can speak directly to them with login landing pages based on their interests. College could do this too for recruitment by having login mandatory sites for new recruits that shows information only pertinent to their major and status.

Market research gathers information about
– gets the how and why
Testing looks at what works
– gets the answers on how to get responses.

Testing allows marketers to see what works, this gives them the ability to act accordingly with what they see has gotten them the desirable response.

Data mining and warehousing allows you to see how a person is profitable. The information collected relates back to the customers mind as getting an offer based on what they want. The way to get to know the customer in an internet marketing world is through data.

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