Acquisition Marketing – Branding & Online Advertising

  1. What are the special techniques that enterprises can use in their brand-building process on the Web?

1- Interactive sites, Films and comics to reinforce the brand,

Interactive Branding tools

  1. Personalization
  2. Co-Creation of Content
  3. Purchase-Process Streamlining
  4. Customization
  5. Dynamic-Pricing
  6. Brand Community

A/B Testing to find the right trigger and the right target.

Animation and Rich Media, Audio and Video



  1. A businessperson who is not an Internet expert asks you whether the Internet is useful for branding. What answer would you give and how could you support it with illustrations?

2 – The internet is very useful for branding. It is used to build

Brand Awareness

  • Brand Recognition
  • Brand Recall

Brand Image

  • Favorability
  • Strength
  • Uniqueness

With up to the minute measurability which cuts the cost of non effective campaigns

What more the general population is spending more time online that off. According to a Burst Media survey 2005 60.9% of respondents were spending more time on the internet and according to Baruch College 93% of incoming freshmen checked their Facebook pages 17+ times a day.



With mobile phones becoming a necessity in the public’s mind and mobile phones becoming more like laptops with faster internet connections more and more young people will develop addictions to being connected and spending more time online. As it is now young people talk to each other near each other online as opposed to face to face. The internet with higher attention gaining and other mediums losing is a very useful, cheaper and measurable.


Brand is absolutely critical in an internet age.

It is valued most for responsiveness.

Campaigns will no longer be structured as “here’s money now go”, they will being doing and testing rather than planning.

Results can be found out in as little as a day to a few weeks rather than 6 months.


  1. Think about your own Internet use habits. Have you changed your use of other media? Why or why not? How do your own habits fit the media use attitudes and patterns described in the chapter?

3 – Due to my Internet use habits my use of other media has changed drastically.

For one I watch TV close to never.

I visit libraries only to study (however this has to do with my lack of time to sit and read books for leisure or learning outside of school courses).

Newspapers are mainly a boredom reliever on the train as I get the news everyday online from or Unlike the television the news I read is on demand. Like newspapers by subject of interest but able to be cross referenced and has the availability of back story.

My behaviors have changed in relation to television because there is nothing worse than being told a story is coming up and I have to sit through 30 minutes of the same commercial breaks to get to the story. Then when the story is on it is rushed through in 30 seconds and embellished for entertainment.

Thus news and entertainment on demand is the way to go for me. Gone are the days that we are forced to sit wasting time to get to what is relevant to us as individuals.



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