Internet Advertising

With the ability for consumer buying behaviors to be tracked by profiles and cookies as well as consumer feedback tracking merchants and advertisers need not guess what a particular customer is interested in buying. has been extremely successful at profiling their customers one by one. They know what to present and how to present it to what audience. This kind of market research boasts of being significantly cheaper than traditional methods. Customers themselves are telling their preferences with out the seller having to do anything.

Advertising itself is cheaper over all. The old model required months of pre-planning, focus groups, research, brainstorming and many meetings so as to not say or do the wrong thing.  Because of the lack of response data the old model was an extremely risky venture. The new paradigm  though stained with the corruption of Nielsen ratings system always for trial and error with a real time response rate.  A/B testing is a self selection tool that advertisers and marketers can use to find out what works and what the rate of success of a single message is.


One thing we must remember as Internet Marketers is that it is still marketing

  1. You need to target your market
  2. Understand what they care about
  3. And connect with your message
    1. If you do
      1. You will improve your image
      2. And drive sales


*Marketing time was incredibly risky

– you had to remove as much risk as much as possible (focus groups, planning,)

-web marketing rewards experiments rather than deep planning


*Stop interrupting. The new paradigm  is no longer about when you want to say but when they say they want it. 

The web is not a passive medium like the television. You can’t expect consumers to sit back on the Internet and wait to do what they are trying to do because a random advertiser what to say something. We must respect their time and be available for when they want us a. Our work is to be within one click or one search term away from the target. Every click is a choice a decision made freely based on interest and it is interactive.


*Listen to what they say: Stop ignoring the users. The Internet is a super fast version of the game telephone, it is pure viral a marketer need to stay abreast on what is being said. Respond to your customers.


*Internet marketing is still a direct marketing tool.


* If you message is not real it will not get attention. All dealings are becoming transparent,if you put out there you will be found out.


*Be versitile.

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