Customer Service and Support


The internet has the capacity to increase customer expectations about service levels by allows businesses to have anticipatory customer service. They can be proactive about setting up the means for customers to access information related to their needs available 24/7 and in real time. UPS and fedex have package tracking, the DMV has e- driver test scheduling and some doctors offices and resturants allow e-sheduling and reservations as well.  Many customers want to help themselves via self serice before having to pay someone or sitt on the phone on hold thus making use of the internet to provide transparnecy and service to cutomers is a step all businesses should take.


Anitipatory CS is the antisipation of certain propblems and being proactive about setting up channels to handle the customers needs related to those needs. Anitipatory CS should id thus problems, have solutions and strategies set up and be aimed at providing superior CS, basically making the customer happy.


Sophisticated CS may raise issues for privacy and securtiy ofcustomer information in consumers’ minds but it’s not information that isn’t already known by the compnay, thus I do not see and ethical issues.

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