Customer Service

We need customer service. However human customer service is being replaced with computerized Internet frameworks.
We also want and need customer feedback to understand how the customer is dealing with our products and services. The customers who complain want an apology and can create 60% of up sale successes. Customers who don’t complain aren’t good for business because they will just switch to a competitor.

There are many problems related to human customer service ranging from lack of employee knowledge to payroll costs. But the alternative is flawed as well. Many companies direct customers to their FAQS pages however, FAQS only help with large major problems not the little things, minor problems or random problems. RFID is another alternative. RFID can help save the customer time and improve the quality of their experience. Allowing customers to know where packages are along with time schedules and expedited service e.g. supermarket check outs.


Good customer service has…

Multiple forms for contact communication

A consistent brand message

Size charts , how to measure , helps cut cost on returns

Schedules online

Tracking on packages


You wan to to know what’s wrong with the product so you can fix it.

You want the to be involved and you have to convince them that you are there for them.

You must be truth full to them AT ALL TIMES be able to deliver.

They want Real people, 24 hours a day ( in reason)


The prime directive of Great customer service is to migrate customers to the cheapest channel while answering their questions.


Customer service themes

– must pervade alll departments of an enterprise

-superior CS requires long term commitment (management , resources

– build culture of CS using quality mangament principles

– “What gets measured get managed”

– technology can help improve CS

-customers want multiple seervice channels

-customers want the potion f human contanct

-improve overall customer experience


?How to improve it? Technology designed to get increase customer satisfaction at the lowest cost.



-Customer Care is a key Marketing Discipline

-customer satisfaction/ loyalty. Enterprise profit

-need business processes, customer segments, relevent technology

-Customers want choice in how to access service

-cost per customer contact varies by channel

-develop service strategies based on CLV

– Besure technologies are satisfiers not dissatisfiers

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