Marketspace Matrix

Relationships are defined as a connection b/w firm and its customers. It can be based on either logic(realize customers simply can’t get product elsewhere) or emotion. Buyer-seller relationships are based on exchange where each party expects or demand value for what is given(money for products)
integrated campaigns ensure that levers complement each other and drive customers through relationship stages more effectively ( Product, price, communication, community, distribution vs. awareness, exploration, commitment, dissolution)

ebay: advance users into awareness and exploration stages, then it built communities and sustaining commitment, and then ebay returned to bringing new users into communities through awareness/exploration stages

four categories of principles for lever selection:
Which levers should firms select?
How should marketing resources be allocated on a lever by lever basis
How do these levers interact
How are the levers sequenced
key principles for lever selection within marketspace matrix
choose levers to effect a change
determine which levers have the most leverage
barriers to advancement
mediums effect on desired behavior
level on involvement
Consumer learning trends
creditability of channel
consistent choice of levers
medium can be msg or product
adaptive matrix design
correlation of effect
beware of segment alienation
selected levers must be integrated
no one silver bullet
sequencing of levers matters

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Products is defined as “anything that is created expressly from 1 party to another and typically involves some type of reciprocity in terms of money, goods, attention or service. Product is generally offered to market for attention, acquisition, use or consumption to satisfy customers needs. 2 types of products: physical goods and services

2Is impact products in various ways, it allows company to learn about customers, personalize products to meet customer preferences and offer CRM tools to provide more value for customers and cut cost for product sellers

Marketing levers for products: packaging, attributes, features, mass customization, cs programs, loyalty programs, complementary products, upgrade, community features, enhanced functionalities, fulfillment capabilities

Overall product development process: before developing a product, managers must first understand the needs and wants of a consumer and then design the product to satisfy that need. It also needs to identify the production needs and capabilities and determine firm’s competitive position. Then these 7 steps should be followed, idea generation, idea screening, product design, prototype development, business analysis, test marketing, and commercialization.

companies manage their product portfolios risk profile, time horizon, potential payout, investment requirement, development and innovation. Enhancement of existing products and line extension, support of current products and services

Marketing research fit with product development: gathers data on consumer needs and wants, evaluate production capabilities, and judge firm’s competitive position.

Products help enable a customer relationship: by deploying product development levers appropriate for existing relationship, and emphasizing the elements of value proposition relevant to given stage of relationship

Customer informed approach to product development can create strategic advantages by securing a market position that matches up with customer needs wants and expectation

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Web Metrics

Server Log – stores information when requested from a site .
Record kept at the server level that records each file requested from a Web site.
Coded page –
A technique in which a small image, usually a 1-pixel transparent image (called a pixel tag or transparent GIF), is placed on a Web page. Used in conjunction with a cookie on the user’s computer, the image returns data about user activity on the Web page.

Which is most useful

Trafficis measured by
Hits, impressions, page views / deliveries, Sessions- length of time spent, Click throughs, and audience.
Audience is measured by
Total vists, return and unique and anonumous and registered users,
Behaviour on the site page views, seesion time, path in and out of site entry page/landing , shopping abandonment,
Campaigns are measured by
Communication channels, e-mail, banners etc. Offer follow through, and search /keyword use.

Other Frequently use metrics are
• Average number of visits per day
• Number of page views per month
• Average visitor session length last month
• Number of hits for each hour of the day
• Paid search results for the most recent 7-day period

All options are good but the question is what is the goal. One must understand what he/she is trying to accopmlish to come up with the proper mix of metrics.

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Produt factors that affect diffusion of innovations

-relative advantage


– complexity


– communicability







Consumer adaption
– awareness -> interest ->evaluation -> trial->adoption-> internalaization

Didussion -> innoaion , early adaptors, early majority, late majority, laggards

Pervasise computing is people having access to computer systems, information and tasks 360. Pervasive computing will allow people to gain access information from anywhere anytime with any device. The goal is that it will all be relevant. Marketers will have to be available to cunsumers near their time and place of transaction inorder to reach them. No more interuptive invasive tactics.


The Strategic drivers of wirless adoption are

context – necessary information where and when needed, localization – where is the customer at and personization – customer needs to be able to select what and how offten they receive information.


 Time sensitve  – information must be provided in the time frame that suits the cutomer


High Value – it offer reasonalbe to the consumer


Voice activiation – will reduce the risk on saftey and allow for greater multitasking. Wireless use will not be an interuption of other activities. With the advent of bluetooth we are able to see this. Today a person and can wash dishes and talkon the phone and with car GPS you can ask the computer where to go while driving instead of sitting at your desktop figuring out the route then trying to read while driving.


One click payment mechanisims – customers don’t want to have many vendor accounts nor do they want to transmitt their information regularly. Like paypal cutomers with want a secure billing system that goe to one account in order to participate in frequrent m-commerce.


Security –  embedded devices, secure data transmittion and authenication services must be provided to put consumers’ minds at ease.


Privacy- Providers must respect personal data and not abuse the customers paid time for use of services.


Expanded persmission marketing – marketers must try to find out customer preferences, what they want how much they want when they want in oder to do this they must maintain real time customer profile databases.



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Marketing Automation

 I cannot think of any specific encounter in which information or knowledge clearly improved your interaction with a human agent. Knowing less than the human agent keeps the interaction simple because knowing less than the agent can’t lead to dissatisfaction. I have found that in many cases where I have had access to knowledge about a product and information about company policy interaction with a human agent is useless. Many agents knew less than I did because they only dealt with the script given to them. Many times when I was knowledge agents ended up transferring me all around departments trying to find someone who knew what I knew and could help me.

The best example I recall is in my dealings with Time Warner Cable. Every time my Internet is down I call Time Warner Cable, let them know and the first thing they tell me every single time is that I can go online to their website for assistance. This is frustrating! No one wants to sit on the phone for one hour on hold trying to get their paid service back for someone to come on and tell you you should go online for help first. This is bad customer service. On top of this human agents at Time Warner Cable indefinitely can’t help you because they are always transferring the customer to another department.

Human interaction when it comes to customer service is vital from a reasoning perspective, humans you would think, could decipher problems and help the customer work through it but, the realty is CS agents really don’t help much outside of recording issues. Internet Automation is beginning to become more sophisticated in the U.S. allowing for self service, self education and self scheduling. Humans are phasing themselves out.

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