How to Submit Blog Posts

  1. If you haven’t already, accept my email invitation to our course on Blogs@Baruch sent to your
  2. Log into your Blogs@Baruch account via the Log In tab of our site’s main menu
  3. Click +New and select Post on the navigation bar on the top of the site
  4. Give your post a pithy, informative, groovy title
  5. Write or copy/paste your post in the text editor, checking for formatting issues
  6. Scroll down to Tags on the right-hand menu and add a few tags to identify the key topics of your post (e.g. Literacy Narrative, Blog Post 2)
  7. Choose a fitting image to jazz up your post. For copyright purposes, these images should be in the public domain, in which case I recommend using either Pexels, Unsplash, or Flickr
  8. On the right-hand menu, select Featured Image and upload your image
  9. On the right-hand menu, scroll back up to hit Preview and confirm that the post has no formatting issues.
  10. Go back to the original tab and hit Publish on the top right-hand menu.