Blog Posts

Writing Exercise:  Blog Posts

15% of course grade / 250-300 words per post

There’s a lot to be learned from writing in ways that are at once self-reflective and public-facing, introspective and outward-looking. With this is mind, I’ll be asking you to compose five formal blog posts over the course of this semester, along with a handful in preparation for the research portfolio of your Researched Argument project. Each of these “low-stakes” writing exercises are meant to offer a metacognitive space for you to hash out the writing process and organize your thoughts in preparation for our three major writing projects. When writing your posts,  make sure to follow the prompts below and to publish your finished products on our Blogs page, which in turn will require you to follow the steps linked here. Prompts for each of these blog posts will be gradually distributed throughout the semester and embedded in the #homework channel of our Discord server — stay tuned!


M.C. Escher

Self-Portrait in Spherical Mirror