ReAnnBib # 2

Part 1: Bibliographic entry

Part 2: Keywords
– endlessly
– harm
– dependent
– vulnerability
– drugify

Part 3: Precis

This article dives into the ways social media takes over someone. How it consumes people at such unhealthy rates creates a fixation with social media.  The article states how people have developed a dependency on social media and the ways that social media is set up to keep it that way. Between the dependency and the negative effects that can be had on one’s mental health,  social media addictions are bad.

Part 4: Reflection

Based on what I read I can understand and agree with how addictive social media can really be. A way to continually feed your mind whilst building a dependent bond with it is addictive. So any forms of social media and so many different ways to get lured in.

Part 5:  Quotables

“Social media is basically a way to drugify human connection,” 

“ … the ways social media platforms exploit human vulnerability, spread misinformation, and prey upon users as a product.”

“ … how social media creates a dopamine deficit in our brains.”

“There are examples of “humane” technology that help foster connection without the high-risk angle.”