Part 1: Bibliographic entry

Part 2: Keywords

  • digital marketing
  • traditional marketing
  • inbound marketing
  •  Media
  • Promote product/service

Part 3: Precis

This article explains the key concepts of the different kinds of marketing and how the world is shifting to an almost complete way of digital marketing. The article talks about the difference and balance between digital and traditional marketing. The main point is to blend them both, not leave the traditional one behind and advance with the digital one. It also covers the advantages and disadvantages of both marketing strategies and how they are used in different scenarios. Older people still prefer the old ways of marketing as those are the ways they are used to but the new generation is shifting towards the digital market and overpowering it. The balance of the two markets is shiting towards the digital one as we see in the usage of the internet is increasing and magazines, newspaper and the ways marketing used to work are decreasing with time.


Part 4: Reflection

With this article, I was able to see how traditional marketing worked for businesses a few years ago. To compare those ideas with the ones of digital marketing today. Also, it explained a study about the use of the internet during the last years compared with that of newspapers and Television. I will do research on the change of marketing during the pandemic and incorporate it with this article to see the bigger changes the pandemic has done to it. I can use this article in my paper as to how both kinds of marketing have advantages and disadvantages but which are the ones that have made online marketing more favorable.


Part 5: Quotables

“The situation states as follows: Internet (+105%), Outdoor (+3%), Television (-8%), Cinema (-11%), Radio (-15%), Magazines (-23), Newspapers (-31%)” the changes in marketing platforms.

“Brand awareness and customer retention may rise if companies become more aware of the potential blending both digital and traditional marketing campaigns. ”

“Inbound marketing means to promote a business through blogs, podcasts, video, eBooks, e-newsletters, whitepapers, SEO, physical products, social media marketing, and other methods of content marketing which serve to interest customers through the different stages of the purchase funnel.”

“The level of trust: may be higher for traditional marketing, and it can be said this is number one advantage. Many people are still trusting more the offline ”

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  1. It makes a lot of sense in a world of technology that we are moving towards digital marketing. It makes sense, though, that older people who aren’t as familiar with technology prefer traditional marketing. I think it’s interesting that you will incorporate the effect the pandemic has had on marketing. I wonder what the future of marketing is?

  2. Since you’re partly writing your researched argument about how the pandemic has transformed marketing to a certain extent, I think this source will serve useful for your analysis because the URL holds a credible source that will demonstrate to Professor Muhlbauer that you researched appropriately for this topic. I think you should add a source that talks about the point that you brought up about how older generations prefer traditional forms of marketing.

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