RefAnnBib #2

Part 1: Bibliographic entry

Part 2: Key words

  • Wanton endangerment
  • Outrageous and offensive
  • Sued
  • Search warrant
  • Rounds
  • Drug ring
  • Arrested
  • Prosecutors
  • Co defendant

Part 3: Precis

This article explains the death of Breonna Taylor, an African American, who was also an emergency medical technician. The incident started when the 3 police officers executed a search warrant to her apartment while she was in bed with her boyfriend after midnight. ┬áHer boyfriend thought someone broke in so he fired at the cop (Officer Mattingly). Then the three officers shot 32 rounds and killed Ms. Taylor and her boyfriend and one of the cop’s (Officer Hankinson) bullets went out the window into the neighbor’s house. Officer Hankinson was fired and the other 2 officers got reassigned. The cops were at her house because they had reason to believe her ex-boyfriend Jamarcus Glover was in possession of drugs and using her house to hide narcotics. No drugs were found on the property. But Glover was arrested for drug possession the same night of Ms. Taylor’s death. Also Taylor’s family sued the state and the city paid a $12 million dollar settlement.


Part 4: Reflection


I thought this article had some really interesting approaches to explaining Breonna Taylor’s death. The article included some background information about the incident and even a diagram of her house with timelines of what occurred. Then it went on to explain the overall investigation that was taking place where in the case Ms. Taylor was innocent. This was a really big incident considering that she was also in the medical union. Now that I have some recent deaths of African Americans, I want to conduct some research on the African slave trade and how that led to racism in our society. This article is also very useful in my paper because it provides some more evidence to why racism is on the rise in our society.


Part 5: Quotables

“Taylor is struck six times in a matter of seconds.”

“A subsequent police report contained errors, including listing Ms Taylor’s injuries as “none” and saying no force was used to enter, when a battering ram had been used.”

“Authorities believed her ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover, was involved in a drug ring and had used her apartment to hide narcotics.”

“No drugs were found at the property, though Jefferson County Prosecutor Thomas Wine said the search was cancelled after the shooting.”

4 thoughts on “RefAnnBib #2

  1. Roderick,
    I loved the way you broke down your source and how you chose a website that ranks all the best countries in the world! I feel like this will be a great addition to your research paper. As you pointed out, the article puts an emphasis on aspects that contribute to a great country like the quality of life and social purpose. I think these aspects are important to understand what constitutes a country as being great. Overall, I think this seems like a great source and I’m sure that it will strengthen your essay.

    • Sorry, I posted this on the wrong blog and I’m not entirely sure how to delete comments! But the comment I meant for you I have listed below..

      This is a very strong RefAnnBib and I liked the way you incorporated a source that pertains to an event that occurred more recently. Your reflection of the source is very thought out and I liked the connection you made about racism being on the rise in the current climax of our world. I think this source truly backs up your argument and it will be interesting to see what other events or circumstances you will cite in your essay. As a possible suggestion, maybe citing police brutality as a whole can also help to demonstrate your argument if you haven’t done so already. But in general, I think you have a great topic and I’m sure your research paper will be that much stronger because of your sources!

  2. Hey Chris,
    A good paper is the result of powerful sources. I think incorporating this article amongst other sources will only strengtheneth your argument. Your mention of doing further research on the slave trade will also give the audience context while allowing you to show the progression ( or maybe regression) of racism throughout history. I agree with Camille’s comment of citing police brutality as a whole maybe consider researching more into that. Excited to see where you take it.

  3. Chris,

    I think you are on a great track and it seems like you are making a lot of progress! I think your intended topic of how the slave trade subsequently led way to racism in our society is very interesting and using the Breona Taylor incident as a starting point to really analyze police brutality and racism today is a good plan. Definitely looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!

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