Group Annotations

10% of course grade / 50-75 words per annotation

The practice of active reading, or writing as you read, is essential to your growth as a writer. We will tap into this skill with the use of the social reading application, Hypothesis, which not only will help you to organize your thoughts in preparation for class discussion but will also make visible the comments of your peers across each of our themed class texts.

See here is a link to join our Hypothesis group:

Across many of the texts we will be annotating as a group this semester, you’ll notice that I’ve left a series of in-text comments and prompts to help facilitate your active reading skills, while also guiding your ongoing approach to in-text analysis. Below is one such example:

Here’s a number of helpful links that will support you during the annotation process:

If you’re still experiencing technical troubles after reviewing this page, as well as the above links, please reach out out to me via email at or drop a message in our #tech channel on Discord.

Salvador Dalí
The Persistence of Memory