RefAnnBib #4

Part 1: Bibliographic Entry

Understanding the Different Types of Slavery

Part 2: Key words

  • Coerce
  • Control
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Manipulation
  • Labor
  • Recruited
  • Transported
  • Unlawful
  • Domestic Servitude

Part 3: Precis

This is a blog entry on another website that briefly explains the different types of slavery that there was. One main type of slavery was sex trafficking for both adults and children where they would have to perform sex acts and children can’t consent. Another main type of slavery was labor for both adults and children where they would have to work in some of the most disgusting and sometimes dangerous factories. There was also domestic servitude where someone works in a private residence and could be trafficked and abused. One thing that is detrimental about that is they don’t get days off. There was even use of child soldiers where children have to act like combatants. All of these types of slavery were terrible and wrong.

Part 4: Reflection


I think this blog post could be beneficial because even though it isn’t an article it is posted by someone who has some knowledge on slavery. Some of the types of slavery listed were pretty interesting that even I didn’t know existed. Now that I have an article on slave trade, I also have information on what slaves had to do when they were traded which is going to be really helpful in my paper. Now I just have to plan out the order of how I’m going to use all of my sources. This is going to be a little challenging but interesting.


Part 5: Quotables

“While exact numbers are difficult to establish, a recent estimate by the International Labor Organization claims that there are around 40 million people living in modern slavery. ”

“The physical or psychological manipulation or coercion to force a person to work.”

“As Congress navigates trafficking issues and seeks to expand protections in order to prevent human trafficking, understanding and showing support for the Trafficking Victims Protection Act and the types of slavery impacting millions of people is one way of supporting those impacted by trafficking.”

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  1. Christopher,
    I agree that this citation can definitely be beneficial to your research paper! This article gives you more information and really opens you and your reader’s eyes to the broad spectrum on what is considered slavery. It educates your reader that slavery is more than they probably didn’t even know existed themselves. I think with the right organization your research paper will be a great read!

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