Vantage- Rhetorical Analysis

The poem “Vantage” starts off with a quote, which tells the reader what the poem is going to be about and the historical context. In the 1960s we landed on the moon, but there were also race riots. The author explains the comradery present between people when we made it to the moon. The author, then, mentions another Kennedy quote to show what they must strive towards, as there is no conflict in outer space. She juxtaposes the moon with racial injustice, exemplified by the racial slurs she was called. She uses ethos to seem credible on this topic and relate to the audience. It’s important to note that while the poem may take place in the 1960s, the people reading it are from 2019 and onwards. I think she’s trying to tell us that it’s amazing we can unify as a country when things are going well and we are accomplishing monumental tasks, like landing on the moon. However, we must also be together in times of trouble so no one feels like the people around them treat them badly.

One thought on “Vantage- Rhetorical Analysis

  1. I jumped to a similar conclusion in this poem as I also picked up on the fact that Tretheway juxtaposed the moon with racial injustice. What I didn’t note was the fact that this poem dates to 2019 which is important to understand the overall message that Tretheway wants to leave with her readers. The conclusion you drew is very powerful and I think you worded it very well. Tretheway does seem to leave this idea that for true unity we must be together in both the good and bad times.

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