It’s amazing how such an old tale like the epic Gilgamesh can make its way to present day and still inspire and teach us today. The author describes Gilgamesh as such a Godly figure. His physique, beauty, strength, and wisdom are all contributed to his Godlike characters. Although, with all these Godly features in body and mind he was still cruel. He poorly ran and controlled his kingdom by treating the people with disrespect and hate. This Godly man would sleep with anyone he wanted and force the people to work for him. In my eyes Gilgamesh was selfish and probably homosexual. Just by the way he admired Enkidu. He was a selfish tyrant, because what he put his people through when he was ruling. Moreover, it took an epic journey of ups and downs for Gilgamesh to see the light. At the end he finally did come to a realization. By the end of his journey when he went back home he sees the wonderful kingdom he ruled and took for granted. However, with strength, wisdom, and love he acknowledged the closest thing to immortality a mortal can desire. Here is a link to a video that kind of summarizes the tale of the epic Gilgamesh in its entirety.

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