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You Decide

This picture illustrates the morning of a sinful decision. I see Madea admiring her children before she decides to take their lives. What woman would ever take the life of such angles of youth?  That crazy woman would be Madea. I don’t think anyone can ever convince me otherwise. This lady is mental. You can’t get me to believe she did it in the interest of her own children. Or she was saving them from a life of turmoil. There isn’t anyone that could’ve decided the fate of those children, including Medea. The only way Medea would’ve been saving the lives of those children was if she took the life of Jason and herself. She could have left the children in the hands of the nurse. However, she didn’t, because she is selfish. Instead she selfishly takes the life of her children in spite of their father Jason’s actions. I believe the lady crying in the back is the nurse who cared for those children dearly. I’ll leave you with this last image of Madea and her children and you decide if this woman is mental or not.

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Almighty Beowulf

I enjoyed reading the poem as well as watching the movie adaptation of Beowulf. However, I must say I liked the movie adaptation more than the story told in the poem. As much as I liked reading Beowulf I loved how the movie took the story and with some twist made it into its own piece. I thought the connection made by the film makers between the first battle with Grendel to the final battle with the Dragon was brilliant, because it works and most importantly makes sense. However, it’s interesting how the writers gave Beowulf a weakness in the movie, because in the poem Beowulf does not possess any weakness. In the poem and the movie he comes, he boast, he sees then conquers. Except in the movie he is manipulated and deceived by a beautiful woman who in a way directed his fate. It was a bold move by the writers, giving the fact Beowulf is supposed to be this almighty demon killer who never fails and always accomplishes his goal. Although, it was very interesting and enjoyable to witness the direction the writers took with the movie. Beowulf is a true warrior, like he says, “I am Ripper… Tearer… Slasher… Gouger. I am the Teeth in the Darkness, the Talons in the Night. Mine is Strength… and Lust… and Power! I AM BEOWULF!”

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It’s amazing how such an old tale like the epic Gilgamesh can make its way to present day and still inspire and teach us today. The author describes Gilgamesh as such a Godly figure. His physique, beauty, strength, and wisdom are all contributed to his Godlike characters. Although, with all these Godly features in body and mind he was still cruel. He poorly ran and controlled his kingdom by treating the people with disrespect and hate. This Godly man would sleep with anyone he wanted and force the people to work for him. In my eyes Gilgamesh was selfish and probably homosexual. Just by the way he admired Enkidu. He was a selfish tyrant, because what he put his people through when he was ruling. Moreover, it took an epic journey of ups and downs for Gilgamesh to see the light. At the end he finally did come to a realization. By the end of his journey when he went back home he sees the wonderful kingdom he ruled and took for granted. However, with strength, wisdom, and love he acknowledged the closest thing to immortality a mortal can desire. Here is a link to a video that kind of summarizes the tale of the epic Gilgamesh in its entirety.

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The Decision that Started it All

I see this picture as the first step towards the destruction of Troy. This image depicts Paris making a final decision in a beauty contest between Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. The picture is called “the Judgment of Paris.” Because, Paris is given the power of making the final judgment of who’s the most beautiful of the three goddesses. In the picture you can all see Paris handing the golden apple to Aphrodite, and declaring her the winner of the contest and most beautiful of the three. In addition, Aphrodite does reward Paris for his decision and the reward does have a definitive impact. Aphrodite rewarded Paris with her helping hand in abducting Helen, who according to the mythology was the most beautiful mortal woman in the world.  Unfortunately, this Helen chick ended up being married to the one and only King of Sparta. It was like love at first sight between Helen and Paris. Therefore, their love for each other was so strong they couldn’t hold back anymore and live separate lives. Consequently their love would bring Helen to make a selfish move and go with Paris back to Troy. On the other hand, Paris makes a very stupid yet courageous move by making this rash decision. This love for Helen would decide the fate of the Prince and Troy.

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