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Salsa Thursdays – Club Cache

October 22, 2014 Written by | No Comments

Video: Club Cache brings in Top Salsa Performers from Mexico to debut one of their Spiciest choreography in New York City!

There is no doubt that New Yorkers love to dance. New York City offers a list of great venues for the young, hip, and old. However, none like the hottest low-key Salsa venue, “Club Cache”, located on 22 West and 39th street in Manhattan. This nightclub is not just the typical Salsa nightclub you walk into to groove. This spot is especially made for the “Salsa on 2” lovers. “Salsa on 2” is better known as the New York Salsa. It is a formal dance style that comply rules as oppose to the free-style “Salsa” that we all know. So if you are feeling the Salsa itch on your feet, be prepared to bring a towel and your Mambo shoes along.

As soon as you walk into this underground Salsa nightclub, you can’t help but to feel excited from the anticipation of having a great night of Salsa Dancing. The Salsa music makes you feel so welcomed and good inside. The glow in the dark walls are so appealing to eye. Each side has pictures of different singers, musicians, animation/videogame characters and dance movies of all time such as: Michael Jackson, Slash, Mario, Pac-Man, Flash Dance and more. You just can’t get over the whole 80’s and 90’s Latin funk vibe. It’s outstanding and vibrant.

New Yorkers are not only lucky to find a “Salsa On 2” dance spot that opens their doors on the weekends, but also on Thursday nights. At a regular nightclub, one would argue that people only go there to mingle and have a good time out. People are less devoted to dancing and perhaps more devoted to the music. At a Salsa nightclub like Cache, people are here to do what they do best, solely dance. In fact, many people also come here to relieve off stress from a long day of work or one is simply fed up with the idea that why should one even bother to wait for Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to dance.

At this fascinating Salsa nightclub, I met a variety of people who shared their feelings about nightclubs. I met Winnie Zambrano, a college student who goes to Salsa nightclubs from time to time, was enjoying dancing to every Salsa song as any young lady or Salsera’ would. She explained how Club Cache is different than regular nightclubs.

“People here actually dance to DANCE. It’s not like the regular nightclub where you walk into, and you’re immediately getting hit on or judged.“ – Zambrano said.

This demonstrates the true reality of the “Salsa On 2” scene. The ladies can feel free and comfortable to come in wearing their highest heel dancing shoes without having any kind of intimidation. In the Salsa world, most males that know the true ethics of Salsa actually ask the ladies permission first if they want to dance. “It’s as if you are Cinderella and prince charming comes along extending his right hand to you with one arm back asking the question, ‘May I please have one dance with you Madam?” – Zambrano said.

Carolina Quinones, a Med-school student in Long Island comes to Club Cache to dance and watch top-notch performers from across the globe.

Quinones said she feels good after a night of dancing at Club Cache.

“Gladly, I don’t feel that guilt of shame when I leave at the end of the night as I would with a regular nightclub. I actually feel like I’ve done something productive for myself. That is, receiving inspiration from others and developing my Salsa skills” – She said.

Luckily that night, Club Cache brought in Salsa performers from Mexico to debut one of their spiciest choreography! At first, their choreography started with the basic salsa moves but as soon as the beat got faster they managed to wowed the audience from head to toe. Club Cache offers people the advantage to learn spectacular Salsa dance moves from so many individuals across the globe. Hence, not only Salsa lovers or students come here to dance but the professionals as well.

Club Cache is the go-to spot for those who desire the real New York Salsa sensation. Once you are in, you are in for the spin of a lifetime.

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