Wonderland Check-Ins (Due Monday, October 26th before midnight)

This check-in has two parts: One is a planning part. The second is an action part.

  • In today’s class I provided an example of how historical, contemporary, and creative documents might be integrated into your Wonderland project. In this check-in I would like for your group to think about the kinds of documents you’d like to find and/or create and then map out how you would like to integrate those documents into your site in order to create the particular scenario within your world.   You may use paragraphs, lists, or visuals (i.e. if you prefer to draw out the site map, you are welcome to do so).  As long as you communicate what documents and how you want to present them.  You should post this on your site.
  • I would like to see posted on the site one creative document and one of the historical or contemporary documents. They may be (as was the case with my example) integrated into the same part of the site.   Also the creative document might not be completely done.  As long as it’s done enough for me to get the point that will suffice.  The point of this part of the check-in is to make sure you’re not just thinking abstractly but you’re also taking actions to build the Wonderland site.   You may post these documents or make a separate page.  Remember that I showed you how to make menu’s in your site.

Wonderland Project- Sane vs Insane

How will you betray the real world in which your binary exists?
-Once Alice falls down the rabbit hole she questions everything that is insane in an insane world. We like the idea of having our character question sane things in an insane world, as if sanity does not make sense.

Imagine how you might have a character from this situation move into an alternate Wonderland. How will your character move out of this world?
-We brainstormed ideas about living in New York City–a place where we often see the insane and simply turn a blind eye. We are interested in our character entering a subway car where our Wonderland exists. As our character moves through each car determining what is sane and what is insane, it will meet new people and experience different things.

Think of at least one way you might represent these ideas on your website
-Perhaps we can visually set up what one of the cars look like and have different scenarios pop up so the viewer can determine what they think is sane or insane.


Wonderland Project- Good vs. Evil

Topic: Good vs. Evil

Our character faces good vs. evil within their own mind. They are presented with many decisions daily forcing them to make a decision. When our character enters the wonderland, they are forced to go against their natural morals being that it is their binary.

In our wonderland, our character will have to fight in order to strive. In turn, disobeying their conscience will be prevalent more often than not. We came up with the movie Hunger Games in that survival is key and means sometimes not doing the morally correct thing in order to look out for your own health.


Group Members: Nita, Taryn, Alyse, Calvin, Tiffany


Wonderland Project- Reality Vs. Fantasy

  • Topic: Our Wonderland will explore the human perception of reality and fantasy.
  • Betraying the “Real World”: Our Wonderland relies heavily on how we believe the physical world is real and anything that can’t be explained using a scientific method is unreal. So, our Wonderland will betray the real world by being completely metaphysical and fantastical.
  • Entering Wonderland: Playing on a scene from the Harry Potter movie franchise, our Wonderland becomes accessible after “running into a wall”. Of course this idea will become more clear as our Wonderland develops.


Group Members: Jeffery Acosta, Arshan Ashraf, Mariolina Noel, Tsanya Turner, Fatih Ucan