Wonderland Check-Ins (Due Monday, October 26th before midnight)

This check-in has two parts: One is a planning part. The second is an action part.

  • In today’s class I provided an example of how historical, contemporary, and creative documents might be integrated into your Wonderland project. In this check-in I would like for your group to think about the kinds of documents you’d like to find and/or create and then map out how you would like to integrate those documents into your site in order to create the particular scenario within your world.   You may use paragraphs, lists, or visuals (i.e. if you prefer to draw out the site map, you are welcome to do so).  As long as you communicate what documents and how you want to present them.  You should post this on your site.
  • I would like to see posted on the site one creative document and one of the historical or contemporary documents. They may be (as was the case with my example) integrated into the same part of the site.   Also the creative document might not be completely done.  As long as it’s done enough for me to get the point that will suffice.  The point of this part of the check-in is to make sure you’re not just thinking abstractly but you’re also taking actions to build the Wonderland site.   You may post these documents or make a separate page.  Remember that I showed you how to make menu’s in your site.