Baruch Evaluation

At the end of the last class, there will be time for you to take the official Baruch College survey for this course (if you haven’t already done so).   You can find the evaluation either by following the directions in the email sent to you about doing course evaluations OR you can go the following link:


To sign in use the same log in and password information, which you used to log onto computers, wifi, and blogs@baruch.

For extra credit, you must show the screen shot indicating you have completed the evaluation to the professor.


Fun Harry Potter Sites

Harry Potter Parodies


If Hogwarts was an HBCU



Key & Peele  “Clortho Wizard High”

College of Wizardry Promo Video


Timeline Check-In. Due Sunday, November 8 at Noon

  1. What particular aspect of your binary will your timeline focus on?  [Note:  Your binary may be very broad.  For your timeline though you should narrow down to something specific within your binary.   The goal is so that there can be a consistent through line in  your timeline.  You want your reader to see/read a history unfolding.  If your entries are too disparate in topic, it will be hard to see what your timeline is communicating.
  2. What title will you give your timeline?
  3. On your site, you should have the beginning of your timeline up.  You should have your timeline in the place that you want it on your site, and you should have at least three entries on your timeline.  As with all check-ins, you may edit these entries later, but you should have something to start with.
  4. Describe briefly in sentences or list form how you will divide the labor of figuring out the rest of the timeline.

Due Tuesday at 7pm

Wonderland Manifest Check-In

  1. Describe your Wonderland.  You should explain exactly how this Wonderland messes with some sort of binary narrative.


  1. Explain the specific situation/scenario that your site highlights:


  1. Name 4 main things your viewer needs to know about this world in order to understand how this world works.


  1. Describe the child and/or children most prominently featured in your scenario.  You should also describe how they enter into the world.


  1. Identify at least one reference to Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland that speaks to your world.



Wonderland Check-Ins (Due Monday, October 26th before midnight)

This check-in has two parts: One is a planning part. The second is an action part.

  • In today’s class I provided an example of how historical, contemporary, and creative documents might be integrated into your Wonderland project. In this check-in I would like for your group to think about the kinds of documents you’d like to find and/or create and then map out how you would like to integrate those documents into your site in order to create the particular scenario within your world.   You may use paragraphs, lists, or visuals (i.e. if you prefer to draw out the site map, you are welcome to do so).  As long as you communicate what documents and how you want to present them.  You should post this on your site.
  • I would like to see posted on the site one creative document and one of the historical or contemporary documents. They may be (as was the case with my example) integrated into the same part of the site.   Also the creative document might not be completely done.  As long as it’s done enough for me to get the point that will suffice.  The point of this part of the check-in is to make sure you’re not just thinking abstractly but you’re also taking actions to build the Wonderland site.   You may post these documents or make a separate page.  Remember that I showed you how to make menu’s in your site.

Project Check In Due Monday OCT 12 at 9:05 am

Your projects must include primary historical documents.  These documents should relate to the the binary oppositions you’re exploring.  In your final project you will include these documents in your cite.  You will do so in whatever way best helps you build your world.

However regardless of how you incorporate these documents, you will need to include proper citation of the document, a brief description of the document, and you will need to explain how this document fits in your world.  I want to get us started on looking up primary documents and thinking about how you might integrate them into your Wonderland world.

Your project check-in assignment is due on Monday, October 12th at 9:05 am.

For this assignment, each group should post on their site!  A primary document (or a working link to one).  A proper citation for that document.  A brief description of that document that explains the contents of the document, the document type (i.e. speech or advertisement), who made it, when it was made, where it was made, and for what purposes). Lastly you will include a description of how your group plans to incorporate this document into your site.

For example: Will your document 1902 document about Mountain Moon Shine appear under a “Library Link” in a book titled “The Old World”?  Or will yours appear under a link titled “Recent Break Throughs in Oral Hygiene.”


Morgan Library and Museum Visit and Worksheet

This Friday, September 18th we will visit the “Alice: 150 Years in Wonderland” Exhibit at The Morgan Library and Museum, located at 225 Madison Ave at 36th st.

For those in attendance, please remember to:

1) be at the front entrance of the Morgan Library at 11:55 am.

2) bring a pencil and something to write with

3) plan to be present at the library until 1:30 pm.

4) look over the Alice paper assignment (and also the worksheet posted below), so that you may have a clear understanding of the assignment and what you need to do at the exhibit.
For those who cannot attend, please remember:

1) You are responsible for seeing the exhibit on your own.

2) Depending on when you go you may have to pay the entrance fee.

3) The Museum is free on Fridays from 7-9pm.

4) The exhibit ends on October 11th, 2015.

5) You must COMPLETE AND TURN IN the Morgan Library Worksheet by October 12th.

Direction to The Morgan

Information about Hours and Fees