RefAnnBib #2

Part 1: Bibliographic Entry: 

Ramchand, Rajeev, et al. “Trends in Suicide Rates by Race and Ethnicity in the United 

States.” JAMA Network Open, JAMA Network, 26 May 2021, 

Part 2: Terminology/Keywords:

Suicide Rates

Ethnic Group


Part 3: Précis: 

The study published in May of 2021 shows the decrease in suicides from 2018 to 2019, within the United States. The results highlight the increased rates of suicide among Balck Youth which in turn allows the article to discuss the results for 3 other race categories (White, American Indian or Alaska Native, and Asian or Pacific Islander) and 3 ethnicity categories (Hispanic or Latino, not Hispanic or Latino, and not stated). Through the use of the time-trend regression model produced by StataCorp version 16.1, the authors are able to examine the suicide trend in subgroups as necessary in the path to developing prevention methods. 

Part 4: Reflection:

The article serves as another study to possibly support my stance on how suicide is affecting certain races and ethnic groups more than others. The incorporation of different graphs and even the consideration of gender helps emphasize the need for a more understanding society. The research analyzed shows the continued trend amongst white individuals in the United States, but also highlights the increase in the suicide rate for Black youth by 30%. The staggering numbers will allow me to incite some sort of emotion within my audience, while the various studies will strengthen my argument by increasing my credibility. I will further my research by looking into the suicide rates for Hispanics or Latins within the united states. I might even consider solely focusing on why African American and Hispanic suicide trends seem to be increasing. 

Part 5: Quotables: 

“Efforts are needed to mitigate suicide and its risk factors in population subgroups, which may include systemic and other factors that have placed increased stress on individuals who belong to racial/ethnic minority groups, particularly Black and Asian or Pacific Islander individuals.”

“The increasing trend for these groups began in 2014; between 2014 and 2019, the suicide rate increased by 30% for Black individuals (from 5.7 to 7.4 per 100 000 individuals) and 16% for Asian or Pacific Islander individuals (from 6.1 to 7.1 per 100 000 individuals).”

Figure 2 illustrates that the suicide rate increased for Black male youth in this age group by 47%, from 12.2 per 100 000 individuals in 2013 to 17.9 per 100 000 individuals in 2019.”