Part 1: Bibliographic entry

Part 2: Keywords
– addiction
– subtly
– hooked 
– problem
– cause

Part 3: Precis
In this article, we come to understand Nir Eyal’s perspective of what it means to be addicted to social media. Not only do we see how his views varied over time but we see him break down where this addiction stems from. To be able to understand his claims, you have to look deeper than what is clearly in front of you. 

Part 4: Reflection 
Based on what I read, I do agree that an addiction to social media is more deep-rooted than it seems. It really emphasizes the fact that there are ways to limit the effects of social media as long as you are aware that you are affected.

Part 5:  Quotables
“Technology was not the problem, or at least not the root cause,”
“The phone-hooked need to figure out why they are so uncomfortable waiting in line without their screen and what they fear around them, he wrote.”
“The issue was not screens but people’s own minds, and to solve the problem they had to look within.”
“Who says getting hooked to social media is a bad thing?” 
“For many people, social media is a very good thing and gaming is a very good thing. It’s how you use it.”