Evelyn’s Literacy Narrative brainstorm


Topic 1: Being Multicultural/Bilingual

  • understanding perspective’s of two different cultures.
  • how being multicultural shaped the way I grew up, in basing my experiences/opinions on the way I view things now.
  • How being multicultural can change the world

Topic 2: Emo Subculture

  •  the culture and aesthetics of this community that I’ve learned
  • Not completely fitting in
  • Appreciation of this subculture

Topic 3: Fandom Communities

  •  what being part of a fandom community has done for me
  • Being apart of these fandoms as a way of escape from reality
  • Internet friends

Discourse  Community: 

Topic 1: Being Multicultural/Lingual

  •  Remembering when I was younger how my parents would only speak to me only in Chinese because they wanted me to learn my native language and understand the importance of my culture and traditions as a Chinese American born person.
  • Every single year my family members would all celebrate traditions together, such as the Chinese New Year. This is where I learned the traditions of my family.

Topic 2: Emo Subculture

  •  My friend sent me their emo/pop rock/alt playlist and I instantly fell in love with majority of the songs from there.
  • I started searching for emo things related and found a whole community that also enjoys this same music and style genre as me.

Topic 3: Fandom Communities

  •  I started meeting people from different fandoms and started to talk about our interest in this topic and eventually became Internet friends.
  • I remember meeting my friend from Iran, online one day. We started talking about the same T.V show that we both watched and now we talk almost everyday, mostly obsessing over the show.

Literacy Sponsor:

Topic 1: Being Multicultural/lingual

  • My literary sponsor for this topic would be my parents, because they taught me this topic and everything I know about it now.

Topic 2:  Emo Subculture

  • My friend Xeno would send me so much song recommendations from this genre just because I loved the ones on their playlist.
  • There is this one emo influencer @skunkbaby, who I follow on instagram that has the best style and song recommendations on their page. I started following them because I loved their whole aesthetic and taste in music.

Topic 3: Fandom Communities

  • I’m not really sure who my literacy sponsor is, one day I just decided to follow my favorite shows and the fan accounts of the shows on instagram.